Fan Accessories

Sina Machine builds various types of fan accessories in addition to centrifugal and axial fans. Inlet vane dampers, butterfly dampers, [...]

Performance Testing of Fans as per International Standards

Sina Machine carries out performance testing on its own fans per international standards like AMCA 210, ASHREA’S and ISO [...]

Dynamic Balancing and Vibration Analysis Services

Sina Machine dynamically balances own fans or customers’ fans in Sina Machine plant or at customers’ site. Balancing is preformed [...]

API Fans

Sina Machine is ready to build API fans if required by customers. This standard is used for petroleum and petrochemical [...]

Diverter Valves

Sina Machine designs and builds diverter valves for pneumatic conveying systems in tile and ceramic glazing production, flour industry, [...]

Plug Fans

Sina Machine builds various types of plug fans for industrial and air conditioning applications. Included in the production range of [...]

Flour Industry Fans

Flour factories are among the regular customers of Sina Machine fans. All types of fans used in this industry [...]

Air Conditioning Fans

In addition to industrial fans, Sina Machine Co. designs and builds air conditioning fans including single inlet (SWSI) and [...]