about us

About us

Sina Machine Co. was founded in 1987 with production licenses from industrial authorities in the field of process machinery and fans and ventilation systems.

Sina Machine started its production in a 200 square meter shop in Mehrshahr – Karaj near Tehran.

This shop has expanded in years into a 3000 square meter factory.

In its early years, Sina Machine designed and produced process machinery such as mixers, reactors and dryers along with various types of fans and air cleaning systems such as bag filters, cyclones and wet scrubbers. Sina Machine was involved in design and construction of a complete pharmaceutical plant.

In last 10 years Sina Machine has focused mainly on design and manufacturing of industrial fans and ventilation systems.

Sina Machine is the first fan maker in Iran which started fan performance testing. First we used to test fans according to DIN – ۲۴۱۶۳ standard and later started to test fans according to AMCA 210 (ASHREA 51) standard.

In recent years, with the world acceptance of ISO 5801, Sina Machine tests fans in situ both for its own fans and fans made by others.

In situ testing is performed according to AMCA 230-90 and AMCA 803-2002.

Sina Machine designs large fans according to AMCA – ۸۰۲, in which tests are performed on a smaller model of the fan, so that the performance of fan can be predicted.

Founder and managing director of Sina Machine Co. , Mr. Mohammad Nazari is a graduate of Sharif University of technology holding a B.S.C and M.S.C in mechanical engineering, and since 1976 he has worked in the design and manufactories of industrial machines.

Mr. Reza Fazliani, is the technical manager of Sina Machine and has 20 years of experience. He holds a B.S.C in mechanical engineering for Tehran University.

Mr. Hosein Nazari has worked for Sina Machine as deputy manager of mining division.